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AXIS TU1002-VE Microphone Kit

Santa Cruz Video Security LLC
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Enclosed microphone with connectivity options *

  • Outdoor-ready with IP66/IK10 enclosure
  • Flexible installation and integration
  • Possible to get network audio benefits

Ideal for environments where cameras are not permitted, this microphone kit offers flexible installation and easy integration. AXIS TU1002-VE Microphone Kit lets you hear and record audio where audio quality is important and cameras might not be allowed, such as specific areas in prisons and police interrogation rooms. This IP66, IK10-rated accessory is robust and designed to withstand outdoor challenges. It features a metallic mesh windscreen as well as dual weatherproofing membranes, so it can be installed in easy-to-reach wind-exposed areas, with low to moderate wind speed. AXIS TU1002-VE Microphone Kit can be used stand-alone but has been designed to go a step further. The kit is ideal for housing AXIS C8110 Network Audio Bridge to get the benefits of network audio. This combination lets you easily add intelligent analytics on the edge, for example, to detect aggressive behavior, broken glass, gunshots, and more. Plus, by setting an event schedule it’s possible to trigger events and send an alert whenever potential and real incidents occur enabling quick, relevant responses.

5-year warranty, PVC free

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