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Santa Cruz Video Security LLC - Image - AXIS C1210-E Network Ceiling Speaker
Santa Cruz Video Security LLC - Image - AXIS C1210-E Network Ceiling Speaker
Santa Cruz Video Security LLC - Image - AXIS C1210-E Network Ceiling Speaker
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AXIS C1210-E Network Ceiling Speaker

Santa Cruz Video Security LLC
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Discrete ceiling installation - large *

  • All-in-one speaker system
  • Connects to standard network
  • Easy installation with just one network cable (PoE)
  • Scalable and easy to integrate
  • Remote health testing

This all-in-one speaker system offers easy installation and integration with other systems. It can be used to make general live or prerecorded voice messages, deliver safety instructions, or remotely and proactively warn off intruders.

Based on open standards, AXIS C1210-E offers easy integration for instance with your video management software (VMS), with Voice over IP (VoIP) telephony (using SIP), and with analytics from Axis and our partners. Axis network speakers connect to your standard network and use one network cable for both power and connectivity (Power over Ethernet). With everything in one solution, installed on one network, there’s no need for additional audio equipment or cabling, and it’s easy to add or remove speakers. This enables more flexible, scalable, and cost-effective solutions. The bottom line? AXIS C1210-E offers a future-proof solution that follows your business needs and gives you the flexibility and possibility needed to quickly respond to future changes.

This all-in-one ceiling speaker is packed with smart features to ensure great performance. With support for I/O, it enables various use cases when integrated with other systems and devices such as PIR sensors, buttons, strobe lights, and more. It features a preconfigured digital signal processor (DSP) to produce clear voice every time. And the built-in microphone supports 2-way audio talk-back enabling conversations with people near the speaker. It also supports speaker-test functionality for remote health testing – so you can rest assured that your system is working. Plus, thanks to external microphone input, you can connect an additional microphone that can be used in situations where the speaker is installed far from the audience.

n addition, our AXIS Audio Manager Edge application comes built-in to let you efficiently manage and control your audio system. It includes functionalities such as zone management and scheduling of content. And you can prioritize content so that live voice messages always take priority – ensuring that critical information like emergency announcements and paging is always delivered promptly.

5-year warranty

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