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Santa Cruz Video Security LLC - Image - AXIS D3110 Connectivity Hub
Santa Cruz Video Security LLC - Image - AXIS D3110 Connectivity Hub
Santa Cruz Video Security LLC - Image - AXIS D3110 Connectivity Hub
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AXIS D3110 Connectivity Hub

Santa Cruz Video Security LLC
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Secure sensor and audio integration *

  • Eight supervised configurable I/Os
  • Two audio-in ports, one audio-out port
  • VAPIX®, MQTT, SIP integration
  • ACAP and container support
  • Built-in cybersecurity features

AXIS D3110 enables sensor and audio integration into network video systems that don’t have such capabilities or need additional ones. Ideal in an Axis end-to-end solution, it helps you increase scene awareness without compromising network security.

With eight supervised configurable I/Os, an RS485/RS422 port, a relay, and two audio-in ports, AXIS D3110 allows you to integrate a broad range of non-visual sensors. For example, you can connect door switches, smoke detectors, temperature sensors, or glass break detectors to trigger alarms and events in your system. Or set a motion sensor to trigger a live audio stream. With the two audio-in ports and one audio-out port, you can add audio capability to your system, including alarms with third-party audio analytics.

Used as an audio sensor main unit, AXIS D3110 is ideal where visual monitoring is not appropriate, or you need increased scene awareness with audio. With two-way communication capabilities and broad microphone compatibility, it adds “audio in” functionality to your system. For example, you can connect a microphone ‒ balanced, unbalanced, or digital ‒ and configure the device to start recording if an analytics application detects breaking glass. AXIS D3110 comes with superb audio quality thanks to voice enhancement for improved noise suppression and automatic gain control for lower microphone sensitivity. The 10-band equalizer makes it possible to filter out specific sound frequencies.

5-year warranty, PVC free, BFR/CFR free

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