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Santa Cruz Video Security LLC - Image - AXIS P1388-B front view
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AXIS P1388-B

Santa Cruz Video Security LLC
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Reliable 8 MP outdoor surveillance - Barebone without lens *

  • Barebone unit ready to customize
  • Exceptional images with 1/1.8” sensor
  • Lightfinder 2.0 and Forensic WDR
  • Support for AI analytics
  • Built-in cybersecurity with Axis Edge Vault

This lightweight barebone unit is ready to customize for specific needs. Ideal for various surveillance situations, it delivers excellent 8 MP image quality. Plus, it’s designed for use outdoors in housing.

A camera you can count on

With electronic image stabilization, AXIS P1388-B ensures stable images despite vibration. Scene profiles can be automatically optimized to suit specific scenarios. And thanks to shock detection and a tampering alarm, you’ll be informed if there’s any attempts to interfere with the camera. Barrel distortion correction delivers great image quality, even at the edges of the image. Plus, corridor format ensures the video is perfectly adapted to monitored corridors or tunnels. With support for PoE and redundant DC power, you get flexible installation, and your data is safeguarded in the event of a power outage. Furthermore, it’s designed to fit into outdoor housing.

More light or less

This box camera offers excellent image quality in 8 MP. It includes Axis Lightfinder 2.0 to capture images with more realistic and saturated colors and sharper images of moving objects. Even the darkest areas of the scene will be lighter and more colorful. With Axis Forensic WDR you’re sure to capture high-quality images even when there’s both dark and light areas in the scene. In addition, this lightweight barebone unit comes without lens and mounting for maximum flexibility.  

Powerful and secure

AXIS P1388-B offers Axis Edge Vault, a hardware-based cybersecurity platform that safeguards the device and protects sensitive information from unauthorized access. Built on an Axis system-on-chip, it includes a deep learning processing unit (DLPU) so you can run advanced features and powerful analytics on the edge. For instance, it comes with AXIS Object Analytics preinstalled to detect and classify different types of objects. This DLPU also ensures improved processing and storage capabilities so you can collect and analyze even more data than before. Plus, it delivers valuable metadata facilitating fast, easy, and efficient forensic search capabilities in live or recorded video. 

5-year warranty, PVC/BFR/CFR free

Barebone Camera without Lens

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