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Santa Cruz Video Security LLC - Image - AXIS P3827-PVE
Santa Cruz Video Security LLC - Image - AXIS P3827-PVE, front view
Santa Cruz Video Security LLC - Image - AXIS P3827-PVE, side view
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Santa Cruz Video Security LLC
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True to life, 180° coverage, no blind spots *

  • 7 MP multisensor camera with one IP address
  • 180° horizontal, 90° vertical coverage
  • Seamlessly stitched realistic images
  • Support for advanced analytics
  • Horizon straightening

True to life images

This 7 MP multisensor camera offers a single smooth and cohesive video stream with 180° panoramic coverage and captures high resolution images with incredible details up to 30 fps. Thanks to horizon straightening, it ensures visually balanced images. Plus, the operator’s viewing experience will be more natural due to the straightened horizon in the image. With seamless stitching across all 4 images, it delivers a coherent-looking image in one single video stream for a perfect overview without any stitch in the center. And the camera automatically optimizes white balance and exposure time. Furthermore, thanks to Forensic WDR, it offers excellent forensic image usability.

Complete coverage with support for audio input

AXIS P3827-PVE is perfect when you need to see the whole picture. It offers panoramic overview of extensive areas with 180° horizontal and 90° vertical coverage with no blind spots. And it’s possible to mount two cameras back-to-back for a complete 360° overview using AXIS T94V01C Dual Camera Mount. This allows for quick and intuitive situational awareness over a large area and lets the operator visually follow objects across great distances. Furthermore, with edge-to-edge technology, it’s easy to add whatever connectivity devices you need. For instance, you can add support for audio using AXIS T61 Audio and I/O Interface.

Deep learning on the edge

Built on ARTPEC-8, this high-performance camera includes a deep learning processing unit (DLPU). This enables improved processing and storage capabilities allowing you to collect and analyze even more data than before—on the edge. Plus, it delivers valuable metadata facilitating fast, easy, and efficient forensic search capabilities in live or recorded video. Thanks to AXIS Object Analytics, AXIS P3827-PVE can detect and classify humans, vehicles, and types of vehicles—all tailored to your specific needs. Furthermore, with support for ACAP version 4, you can add value to your system with tailor-made applications based on deep learning on the edge. 

Cost-efficient, flexible, and secure

This cost-efficient camera gives you get the benefits of four cameras while paying for just one. And fewer cameras are needed to cover large areas. Additionally, it offers a wide variety of mounting options and adjustable positions to ensure fast, cost-efficient, and easy installation. Furthermore, AXIS P3827-PVE includes built-in cybersecurity features. For instance, Axis Edge Vault protects your Axis device ID and simplifies authorization of Axis devices on your network. And, for added peace of mind, it includes a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) that is FIPS 140-2 level 2 certified.

5-year warranty, PVC free, BFR/CFR free

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