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Santa Cruz Video Security LLC - Image - AXIS Q1656-DLE Radar-Video Fusion Camera
Santa Cruz Video Security LLC - Image - AXIS Q1656-DLE Radar-Video Fusion Camera
Santa Cruz Video Security LLC - Image - AXIS Q1656-DLE Radar-Video Fusion Camera
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Santa Cruz Video Security LLC
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Radar-Video Fusion Camera - next-level detection and visualization *

  • Two powerful technologies in one device
  • Increased scene intelligence
  • Reliable detection 24/7
  • Built-in cybersecurity features
  • Premium Axis Q-line camera functionality

Get wide-area intrusion protection and reliable 24/7 detection with a fusion of two powerful technologies: video and radar. This unique device provides state-of-the-art deep learning-powered object classification for next-level detection and visualization.

This innovative device brings video and radar analytics together in AXIS Object Analytics to deliver next-level detection and visualization. Video analytics provide precise localization and object classification powered by deep learning. Radar analytics add distance and speed measurement, and classification based on deep learning, and the radar signature and movement characteristics of objects. The result is improved scene intelligence combined with the forensic value of video. By default, our intelligent fusion system handles notifications in the most advantageous way depending on what best suits the circumstances. Or, if you prefer, you can choose between minimizing false notifications or never missing a thing.

AXIS Q1656-DLE Radar-Video Fusion Camera also joins two premium devices. You get a superior Q-line camera with excellent image usability combined with a fully integrated radar – an Axis first. The radar detects objects over wide areas with little or no light. And it visualizes the speed and distance of moving objects directly in the application view. Plus, you can use the radar separately to guide a standalone PTZ camera. AXIS Q1656-DLE is robust and weather-resistant and has built-in cybersecurity features that safeguard your system. For instance, Axis Edge Vault protects your Axis device ID and simplifies authorization of Axis products on your network.

Not only do you benefit from double the technology, double the devices, you also have just one device to install, one cable drop, one IP address, and one video management software (VMS) license. Which means lower installation and lifetime costs.  You’ll save energy because radar “sees” in the dark. So, you can choose to set triggers to activate flood lights, IR, or façade lights only when you want deterrence, visual verification, or forensic detail. You’ll also save on storage because you can choose to trigger recording only in certain situations.  And the low false-notification rate lets security personnel act only on real threats. They’ll be able to handle more cameras and you’ll save time and money.

5-year warranty, PVC free

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