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Santa Cruz Video Security LLC - Image - Bandit 240 Security Fog
BANDIT 240DB/C Fog Unit
BANDIT 240DB/C Fog Unit
BANDIT 240DB/C Fog Unit
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BANDIT 240DB/C Fog Unit

BANDIT 240DB/C Fog Unit

Santa Cruz Video Security LLC
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The world leader in security fogging *

  • +30 years of experience in deterring and neutralizing criminals
  • 24/7 Burglary prevention and robbery protection thanks to active fog generators
  • Lightning-fast activation, in a fraction of a second
  • Thick, high-density fog quickly takes away all visibility
  • Effective protection of goods and people
  • Response time to fog expulsion only 0.1 second
  • Fastest on the market
  • Exceptionally low running costs
  • Does NOT leave any residue

The  BANDIT 240 series offers an effective and reliable fog protection system with the highest density on the market. In just 2 seconds, the first 6m is completely covered in thick fog and the burglar's view is completely obstructed. 504m³ is filled per device in just 18 seconds! Can function autonomously or be linked to an existing alarm center. Equipped with a refillable aluminum mist cartridge. Requires no maintenance. Barely 40 Watts of energy consumption

5-year warranty, PVC free

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